Historic Sites of Wayne County

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Site Name Calendar Award Image Geolocated
"Bonnie Brier" Cottage
Abram Dillon House
Academy Street Bed & Breakfast
Attorney George G. Waller's Law Office
Barn at Tyler Hill Farm Country Inn
Beach Lake Inn
Beech Grove Grange
Belmont Silk Mill
Bertram Theis House
Bethany Homestead Farms' Mansion
Bethel School
Bonear Homestead
Bunnell House
Calder House
Carley Brook United Methodist Church
Central Park Honesdale
Central United Methodist Church
Charles Dorflinger House
Charles F. Rockwell House
Charles Hoel House
Charles J. Smith House
Christ Episcopal Church at Indian Orchard
Christain Dorflinger House
Clarinda M. Robertson House
Col. Coe F. Durland Home
Coleman House
Conklin Hill Union Church
Curtis Homestead
Daniel and Laura Eno House
Daniel Mills Eno Colebrook Farms
Davall House
David Wilder Tavern
Delaware & Hudson Railroad Station
Delaware and Hudson Canal Co. Office
Delaware and Hudson Canal Company Office and Torrey Building
Dorflinger Glass Company's Cutting Shop
Dormitory at Camp Towanda
Dwight Dorflinger's Stone Bungalow
Dyberry Farms
Edmund Hardenbergh House
Edward A. Katz House
Edward O. Hamlin House
Edward S. and Joyce Brooking Farm
Edward Schlager & Brother
Ella C. Ehrhardt General Store
Ephraim W. Hamlin House
Eugene Dorflinger House
Eugene Dorflinger's General Store
Falls Port Inn and Restaurant
Fireproof Building - Bethany Public Library
First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church
First Presbyterian Church
First Wayne County Court House
Fuller-Otis House
Galilee Guest House
Galilee United Methodist Church
General Samuel Meredith Monument
Glassworker's House
Glen Dyberry Cemetery
Gouldsboro Train Station
Grace Episcopal Church
Grace Episcopal Church Rectory
Haggerty House
Hamlin House
Hand-Kirkland Property
Hawley United Methodist Church
Henry Drinker House
Henry Scott Salmon House
Hickory Grange Hall
Hill Saw Mill
Hon. James Birdsall House
Hon. James Manning House
Honesdale City Hall
Honesdale Post Office
Honesdale's Centennial Block and Katz Bros. Department Store
House at the Tyler Hill Farm Country Inn
Inn at Starlight Lake
Irving Cliff & Gibbons Memorial Park
J. Howard Beach House
J. S. Ames and Brothers
James and Martha Dunlap House
Jennie Brownscombe's Homestead
Jeremiah Gilpin Homestead
Jirah Mumford House
John Brown House
John D. Weston House
John H. Strongman House
John L. Burcher House
John McIntosh House
John S. Atkinson House
John S. O'Connor Glass Factory
John S. O'Connor's House
John S. Olver House
Joseph A. Bodie Sr. House
Joseph and Anna Atkinson Solliday's House
Joseph Atkinson House
Joshua Brown's House
Kellogg/ Roosa & Sitgreave Houses
Land House
Lemnitzer Home
Liberty or Masonic Hall
Lock 31 House
Major Elisha P. Strong House
Mary Hand Tracy House
Milanville Post Office & General Store
Milanville United Methodist Church
Milanville-Skinners Falls Bridge
Milton Kimble House
Moravian Church
Murray Co.
Nathan Skinner House
O & W Railroad Station
Octagon School House
Old Stone House
Parish House of St. John's Episcopal Church
Pennsylvania Coal Company Paymaster's House
Perkins-Wonnacott House
PPL's Hydroelectric Dam
Richard Henwood House
Richard Simons Farm
Rutledgedale Post Office/William J. Loy's Residence
Samuel Dimmick Building
Sarah Miller House
Sarah Miller House
Schlager Bakery, Grocery and Confectionery
Settlers Inn
Sheroshek Farm
Silsby Steamer
St. John's Catholic Church
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
St. Julianna's Catholic Church
St. Mary Magdalen Church
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
St. Tikhon's Monastery
Stalker Schoolhouse
Stanton House
Stone Smokehouse
Stone Walls in Wayne County
Temple Beth Israel
The Bandstand at Bingham Park
The Barnes House
The Bethany Methodist Church
The Bethany Presbyterian Church
The Bishop Family's House
The Charles Dorflinger House
The Country Schoolhouse Gift Shop
The Crane House
The Cross House
The Damascus Historical Society
The Delaware and Hudson Canal
The Delaware and Hudson Gravity Railroad Depot
The Dorflinger-Suydam House
The First Pennsylvania State Armory
The First Presbyterian Church
The French Manor
The Henry W. Stone House
The Honesdale Gospel Tabernacle
The Judge Bodie House
The Judge Waller House
The Keen House
The Kellam Presbyterian Church
The Lodge at Lacawac
The Nielsen House
The Old Stone Jail
The Old Stone Silo - James Cutrone Farm
The P. P. Brown House
The Patmor House
The Poor Farm
The Presbyterian Chapel
The Presbyterian Manse
The Randall Wilmot Mansion
The Ritz Theater
The Seelyville Chapel
The Senator Kingsbury House
The Shehawken United Methodist Church
The Solomon Moore House
The Spring House
The Store on Grocery Hill
The Superintendent's House
The Taft House
The Wayne County Courthouse
The Wayne County Hotel
The White Mills School
The William Dimmick House
The William Partridge House
The Woodbridge House
Thomas Clark House
Thomas Simons House
Thomas Spangenberg House
Tisdel's Maplegrove Stock Farm
Tyler Hill Store
Van Gorder's Furniture
Village View Farm
W.R. Shaffer, General Mercantile
Walter A Fowler House
Wayne County Fair
Wayne County Root Cellars
Wayne Hotel
White Mills Fire Hall
Whitney House
William A. Gaylord House
William Estabrook House
William H. Stanton House
William Howell Foster House
William Weiss House
William Yates House
Zane Grey Museum
Zenas Russel House
1023 Main Street, Honesdale
110 Miller Drive, Honesdale
1139 Main Street, Honesdale
508 River Street, Hawley
543 Hudson St. Hawley
602 Church St., Hawley
622 Church St. Honesdale
630 Main St. Honesdale
730 Hudson St. Hawley
959 Main St., Honesdale
Berkemeir House
D & H Canal Co. Lock House 22 and Locks
Deegan Tower Chimes
Dorflinger's Glass Worker's House #1
Durland - Thompson & Co. Building
First National Bank of Hawley
Galilee Post Office
Indian Orchard Grange
Lake Como Inn
Lake Como United Methodist Church
Olver House
Stoney Creek Farm
The Looking Glass Art Gallery
Thomas Crossley House
Twin Oaks