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General Samuel Meredith Monument

Pleasant Mount The Samuel Meredith Monumental Association was granted a charter on April 29, 1901. The purpose of the Association was to transfer General and Mrs. Meredith's remains from the family cemetery at Belmont to a more suitable location in the village of Pleasant Mount, have a monument erected where it could be appreciated by the public, and have the monument and grounds cared for by future generations. The Association purchased the triangular shaped park in Pleasant Mount for $600. A memorial monument, a tribute to General Samuel Meredith, patriot, soldier, financier, and first treasurer of the United States (1789-1801), was erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with a $3,000 appropriation. The contractor was Martin Caufield of Honesdale. Atop the monument's base and plinth is a 6 foot tall statue representing General Samuel Meredith, forty to fifty years of age, dressed as a continental general with field glasses in one hand, and modeled from the statue of Washington on the Boston Common. The monument is made of Vermont granite. Unveiling of the monument was performed by Meredith's granddaughter, Sarah Maria Meredith, at ceremonies held June 8, 1901 and attended by several thousand people. General Meredith died February 10, 1817 at his Belmont estate near Pleasant Mount.

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