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Galilee United Methodist Church

Galilee The Galilee Methodist congregation was organized by Joseph Sutliff in 1840. It was part of the Beech Pond Circuit and for thirty-five years services were held in a schoolhouse north of the present building. On December 15, 1875 a charter was granted by the Court to the Galilee Centennial Methodist Church, and in 1876 the church was built on land purchased from Joseph Sutliff. Members of the church donated lumber, stone, and labor They raised the cost of $2,250 by subscription. The gravestones in the cemetery behind the church bear the names of those families. The church has its original slate roof and stained glass windows. A gallery over the vestibule was added in the early 1900s The original steeple was damaged in a windstorm and removed from the belfry, but the Large cast bell remains. On November 7, 1979 the Galilee Methodist Church celebrated its 100th anniversary. This lovely country church is a testament to the faith and devotion of its congregation. Since 1989 a limited schedule is maintained.

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