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The Wayne County Hotel

Main Street, Newfoundland In 1878 the Levine Seig family constructed this 14-room building on Main Street in Newfoundland. It was known as the Wayne County Hotel, and referred to by that name in a 1903 deed. Later Burton Simons transferred the title to the State of Pennsylvania. Community Welfare Association of Newfoundland. The property was to be used as a community house. An article in the November 27, 1915 issue of "The Wayne Independent" reads in part as follows: "The community house contains an apartment which is to be used for a free reading room and library; another room in which to serve dinners or lunches, a kitchen and a fair sized room for lodge and society meetings. The Campfire Girls expect to make this their official headquarters. H.H. White. principal of Dreher high school, lives in one end of the building and has executive charge of the place." The article also mentions a hotel barn located next to this building, which was used as an auditorium or gymnasium. A photograph of both buildings was also part of the article. In 1925 the Community Welfare Association sold the property to Wallace Simons. In 1939 Mr. and Mrs. Friend Robacher purchased the home, and they owned it until 1953, when their daughter and son-in-law, John and Jean Burdick took possession. William Brennan purchased it from the Jean Burdick estate in 2002. He did much restoration work on the house. The house is built on a stone foundation, and has a frame construction with double plank siding and clapboard finish. The window lintels and decorative eave brackets are the same ones that were on the house when it was first built. The porch has been changed through the years, but the house looks very much as it did in early photographs.

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