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Clarinda M. Robertson House

c1858 1503 N. Main Street, Honesdale Clarinda M. Robertson bought this lot on 1851 for $450 from the estate of Jason Torrey. Clarinda's husband, John probably built the house, since he was a carpenter. Their son, George Carr Robertson, was a commissioner of Wayne County, and in 1912 married Harriette, the daughter of John Strongman of Bethany. In 1862 the Robertson sold the property to Millicent Woodhouse, wife of H.A. Woodhouse, who sold it to two brothers, Thomas J. and John Finerty, in 1890. The Finerty family passed their interest by fractions from the two brothers and Hannah the widow of Thomas, and her five children, and the daughter of one of them, gradually leaving the property to Mae Finerty. Architectural style: National Folk, popular in New England and adjacent northeast regions during the pre-railroad era.

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Line Drawing by Judith Hunt

From 1993 through 2008 the Honesdale National Bank published an annual wall calendar, each featured 13 historic sites. The sites were chosen and researched by a committee of the historical society and artwork was commissioned to Judy Hunt and William Amptman by the bank.

This page was one month of the calendar and was made possible through the Wayne County Commissioners and a Tourism Promotion Committee’s Tourism Grant.