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Daniel Mills Eno Colebrook Farms

Beech Grove Road, Texas Township In March of 1838 Daniel Eno and his wife Eunice Sage came to Wayne County from Colebrook, CT, traveling by sled and then wagon with their infant son. With Connecticut friends Levi and Laura Deming, they bought a 260-acre tract of land from Peter Smith in Texas Township. Partition of the land was filed in February of 1848 with Daniel Eno taking the southern part of the farm. Family notes indicate the house was built in 1845. Wooden pegs instead of nails were used in some parts of the building. The original house. shown in an early photo. had the same footprint as now, but was a story and a half. The present porch and bay windows are visible, as is a wooden fence around the house and an old stone hitching post. By 1890 the house had been remodeled to three stories with twelve rooms, a steeply pitched roof and a Victorian style tower. The tower was removed in a 1940 renovation. Daniel and Eunice Eno raised eight children, made a thriving farm, and with neighbor F. W. Stephens, had a retail milk business in Honesdale. Their son Alfred married Rose Theresa Miller and raised six children. By 1929 their son Robert and his wife Rachel Quintin became the third generation to farm the land and raise their family. For many years Daniel Eno helped manage the farm. Colebrook was well known for its registered Ayrshire cattle. The one hundredth anniversary of the family at Colebrook was celebrated in 1938. In 1979 Rachel Eno sold the property to Werner Haenssler. It was then managed by Christian and Karen Haenssler Lantzsch.

Text by Marge Hook and Sally Eno Soden

Line Drawing by William Amptman

From 1993 through 2008 the Honesdale National Bank published an annual wall calendar, each featured 13 historic sites. The sites were chosen and researched by a committee of the historical society and artwork was commissioned to Judy Hunt and William Amptman by the bank.

This page was one month of the calendar and was made possible through the Wayne County Commissioners and a Tourism Promotion Committee’s Tourism Grant.