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Joseph A. Bodie Sr. House

c1890-91 1510 N. Main Street, Honesdale Joseph A. Bodie Sr. (1852-1935) was a well known photographer whose business, the Bodie Studio, was continued by his son, Joseph A. Jr. Joseph A. Sr. and his wife Ann E. Wilbur had two additional children who grew to adulthood after moving into the house in 1891. Clarence E. pursued a law degree and was the Judge of Wayne County for 19 years and Mary B. who married Winton Kreimer. For 25 years Joseph Sr. was the Superintendent of the Seelyville Sunday School. After his wife's death in 1920, the house was sold to Anna Webb Butler, the widow of William T. Butler D.D.S. She and her three bachelor sons, Fred, Elwin and Clarence, who had returned from WWI and reopened the Butler Brothers Jewelers Store, moved into the house. It was divided into a two family house in 1928 when son, Elwin, who married a widow, Laura Kimble with three children, moved in. Elwin's children retained ownership of the house and sold it after Elwin's death in 1975. The building has been changed back to a one family house, and has had extensive work done to stabilize the foundation and improve the condition of the interior walls. The two rear porches were enclosed. Architectural style: Late Victorian, Queen Anne.

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Line Drawing by Judith Hunt

From 1993 through 2008 the Honesdale National Bank published an annual wall calendar, each featured 13 historic sites. The sites were chosen and researched by a committee of the historical society and artwork was commissioned to Judy Hunt and William Amptman by the bank.

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