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Jennie Brownscombe's Homestead

Cliff Street - Honesdale Jennie Brownscombe is best known for her oil painting "The First Thanksgiving." which hangs in the Museum of Pilgrim Hall at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Reproductions of this painting have hung on classroom walls and appeared on November calendars. On December 10, 1850, she was born in this simple. nineteenth century, one-and-one half-story farmhouse, which was probably built by her father. Although the basic design of this 150-year-old house remains very much as it was originally, remodeling is evident. The most recent owners were Mr. and Mrs. William Weidner who passed it on to their daughter and son-in-law. Lewis and Ethel Kiegler. As a child Jennie Brownscombe explored the fields and streams on the family's farm, as well as the nearby Irving Cliff. Experiences from her childhood in Honesdale influenced her paintings in later years, and she continued close friendships with Honesdale residents during her years as a successful artist. Ms. Brownscombe studied art in Europe and later maintained studios in London and New York. During the Depression years her work was in demand both in America and Europe. Jennie Brownscombe died August 5. 1936, at the age of eighty-six at Bayside. Long Island. Glen Dyberry Cemetery was chosen as her final resting place.

Text by Marge Hook, Sally Eno Soden, Gloria McCullough, and Ann O'Hara

Line Drawing by William Amptman

From 1993 through 2008 the Honesdale National Bank published an annual wall calendar, each featured 13 historic sites. The sites were chosen and researched by a committee of the historical society and artwork was commissioned to Judy Hunt and William Amptman by the bank.

This page was one month of the calendar and was made possible through the Wayne County Commissioners and a Tourism Promotion Committee’s Tourism Grant.