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Our Mission

The Wayne County Historical Society was organized on May 26, 1917 and was incorporated in 1922. The purpose and objectives of the Society as stated in its by-laws are:

  • To collect and preserve historical records of persons, places and events in Wayne County
  • To preserve and maintain a research library and museums of relics, books, maps, paintings, and all other articles which further public interest in the history of Wayne County
  • To make every effort to preserve and restore historical buildings, landmarks, and sites
  • To educate the population of the history of the area and its historic value

In its 98th year, the Society, a non-profit corporation, is governed by a Board of Trustees of 18 volunteers and boasts over 800 members in the United States and abroad.

We invite you to visit our museums and library, become a member, and support our important activities.

Wayne County Historical Society
P.O. Box 446
Honesdale, PA 18431

Phone: (570)253-3240 Fax: (570)253-5204
Email: Director wchs@ptd.net   Librarian wchspa@ptd.net