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Wayne County Historical Society
Historic Preservation Awards

The Wayne County Historical Society may give recognition on an annual basis to individuals, organizations, or corporations who have demonstrated considerable effort and/or financial commitment toward the preservation of history in Wayne County. Awards may be awarded in the following categories:

1. Historic Preservation of Structures and Sites:

  • Residential
  • Commercial/Public
  • Non-Profit

Preservation of a structure can include conservation, renovation, restoration, rehabilitation, or adaptive reuse. Awards will be given to those projects which follow the US Department of Interior’s Guidelines for Historic Preservation as closely as possible.

2. Historic Preservation of Objects:
Preservation of an object can include conservation or restoration of any man-made objects of historic value.

3. Historic Preservation Advocates:
Individuals or organizations who have been historic preservation advocates through their art, music, research, writing, or in another way.

Anyone can submit an Historic Preservation Award Nomination Form to a Trustee or staff person between November 1 and May 1.

The Trustee or staff person forward the nominations(s) to the Chair(s) of the Historical Preservation Committee and the Executive Director.

During the May meeting of the Historic Preservation Committee, all nominations are considered. If during that meeting sufficient information is presented for all members of the committee to cast a vote, the vote is taken. If the information is not sufficient or the member’s vote(s) are not known, the vote is delayed until this information is obtained.

The Chair(s) of the Historic Preservation Committee will present the year’s nominations at the July meeting of the Board of Trustees and they are voted on at the August meeting of the WCHS Board of Trustees.

Those nominations chosen to receive an award are notified of the award and invited to the Awards Ceremony which is held in October.

The news media and the WCHS Newsletter are used to publicize the awards and documentation is placed in the Research Library and on the WCHS website.

Revised by the WCHS Historic Preservation Committee on March 11, 2016 and adopted by the WCHS Board of Trustees on March 17, 2016. - J. Espino and K. Alogna, Co-Chairpersons