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Here Comes the Bride

810 Main Street, Honesdale Museum

Here Comes the Bride is an exhibit of eleven wedding gowns and related items dating from the 1850’s onward. One gown was worn in 1937, 1942, and 1989 by three Wayne County women. The most elaborate gown in the exhibit was worn my Lizzie Wood of Waymart when she married Thomas B. Clark, a well known Honesdale cut glass manufacturer, in 1888 and then by her granddaughter, who donated the gown to the historical society in 1998. Also included is a satin and toile beaded gown worn by Lizzie’s daughter, Faith when she married into the Morton salt empire. The oldest gown, from the 1850’s, is simple in style but all silk. It was worn by Anna Lohr who married John Brill soon after she arrived in New York City. They then made their home in Smith Hill, Wayne County. The most recent gown was worn by Clara Morrison when she married John Kelly in 1952. Its unusual waltz length was popular at the time. Beginning of Exhibit

Various gowns

Various gowns