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Canal Park Trail Log

Lock 31, D & H Canal Park Trial Log

Volume 1 which started August 24, 2013, the day the park opened &

Volume 2 were lost or stolen.

Volume 3

? – Mark & Rachel Langan, West Chester, PA

6.2.2014 – Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Lots of mosquitoes after the thunderstorm…Saw two deer. One a button buck, only 25 feet away from me, in the spruce woods to the west of the towpath, south of lock 31. The other was in the river drinking. Also, now only four ducklings in the canal, south of lock 31, instead of the previous eight, and no mother duck.

7.4.2014 – Richards’s family, Kingston, PA – Our two adult and four family members loved it. Very exciting. We caught a few snakes and walked the whole path. Will return.

7.6.2014 – Berliner family & Maggie

7.7.14 – Hilton family, Lakeville, PA

7.6.2014 – Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Doe and speckled faun having a drink in the river and frogs a buss in the canal, south of the lock.

7.11.2014 – Nee family

7.16.2014 – Linda & John Serniak, Lake Ariel, PA – Walked the entire trail and did some bird watching and mushroom identification.

7.18.2014 – Jet & Bob Mermell – We so enjoyed our walk. We saw a rabbit.

7.29.2014 – Diane & Bob, New Jersey & Lake Wallenpaupack – In area 25 years vacationing but haven’t passed this way since display set up. Very Informative!

7.30.2014 – Diane & Paul – Very informative…Being a volunteer at Steamtown, I am always interested in local history.

7.30.2014 – Debra Bryant & grandkids Elyse, Ryan, & Jack Montgomery & Millie the border collie – We walk here often.

8.1.2014 – Joanne & Ralph Horton, & friends – It is so great to see our history preserved. Thank you.

8.2.2014 – Ahrin & Carmne ?, Port ? Lucia, FL. – Interesting history of the area covering about 70 – 80% of the 19th century.

8.3.2014 – Angelica Eckhoff & John Becak, Long Island, NY

8.7.2014 – Markfelder family, Lake Grove, NY – Great walk.

8.7.2014 – Sally Talaga & dogs, White Mills, PA – Doe and speckled faun drinking water in the river, then up the bank and over the railroad track, when they spotted us.

8.7.2014 – Pam & George Clark, Hermitage, PA

8.9.2014 – Don & Barb Quinn, Langhorne, PA – Very nice!! We enjoy our canal bike path near Yardley, PA. You have a diamond here. We love it. Too bad you can’t get all the way to Honesdale!! Thanks.

8.9.2014 – Brian, Debbie, & Melissa O’Connor, Rockaway, New Jersey (here for the Fair) – We love the Morris Canal and this was lovely to see!

8.11.2014 – Debra Bryant & grandkids Caleb & Abe Bryant & Millie the Border collie.

8.11.2014 – Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Saw a long legged egret standing in the river and what is left of a button buck (a large rack), both in the canal south of lock 31.

8.24.2014 - Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – While walking the south end of the towpath, a mature bald eagle landing on a rock in the middle of the river, then flew south over the rive, while my jaw dropped.

8.27.2014 – Sue & Joe, New York – Great place for history, loved what we saw and read about. Can’t wait to see what the restoration will be.

8.24.2014 - Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Cold windy front last night brought leaves down on the towpath for the first time this year.

9/1/2014 – Tyler – Simply awesome…good festival too!

9.4.2013 - Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – At 7:30 PM, with a three quarter moon overhead, a small flock of geese flew south overhead. Hoe could summer be leaving us so soon?

9.6.2014 – Sigrid & Harry Lenzing, Oceanport, New Jersey

9.7.2014 – Nancy & Al Engel, Franconia, PA & Colleen & Dave Muldowng, Middletown?, New Jersey

9.7.2014 – Deb Bryant & Millie – We love walking the tail and Millie always enjoys a dip in the river after her walk.

9.8.2014 – Ed & Marjorie – We will be back to explore.

9.10.2014 - Sally & Ron Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Buck stood still in the canal bed while we walked by on the towpath. It was gone when we came back to the spot.

9.24.2014 - Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – About ten Canadian geese were floating in the river (south end) and bald eagle flying north over the river along Riverside Trail.

9.28.2014 – Patty & Arty, Wantagh, N.Y. & Holliday Drive, Hawley – We remember the man and his dogs that lived in this house. This area is a wonderful saved important part of history. Today we were surprised to see the canal all dried up. We will be back for a walk.

9.24.2014 – Bob & Melley Daley – Loved the lock! Awesome history right here and Jason Torrey (1815) ? the book and mapped the area. Thanks!

10.1.2014 – Charlie & Marianna Ross – Keep up your great work Sally et al.

10.8.2014 - Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Small flock of geese flying south.

10.11.2014 – Bruce Backer & Jean Feldman – Nice park lock system interesting, house is outstanding, work done is great. Can’t wait to see house completed. Wonderful stop back in time. House great time beyond place.

10.12.2014 – Bill & ?? – Nice grounds. Walked along towpath with grandson Jack and Border collie Millie. Keep up the good work.

10.12.2014 – My impression of lock 31 is that I learned that in the early 18 hundreds the people built this creation.

10.15.2014 - Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Five mallard ducks, three male and two female, were feeding in the river after the big rain yesterday. Small flock of geese flew overhead.

10.19.2014 – Dave ?, Lakeville, PA - Wonderful experience with my dogs up the canal toward White Mills. Beautiful trial with tree markings appreciated!

10.20.2014 – Bruce & Donna Siple, Columbus, Ohio – Stopped here. Especially interesting because we are on our way to Kingston, NY!

10.23.2014 - Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Three brown headed (wood?) ducks in the river along south end of trail.

10.27.2014 - Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Eleven Canadian geese floating and feeding in river along south end of trial.

10.28.2014 – Jim & Amy Shunk – Very nice restoration. Enjoyed the walk and time with my father. 78 degrees!

10.29.2014 - Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Two pair of mallard ducks floating in the river along south end of canal. Ticks are still prolific!

11.1.2014 – Safhary family - Had a wonderful walk with our dogs and learned a lot about bygone days. Thanks!

11.1.2014 - Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Buck, which was probably hit on the road, was dead lying in the canal, south end. He may have been the one I saw earlier in the year in the same location. He is the second one hit this year, which I know of in the parl.

11.2.2014 - Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Startled three raccoons in the canal bed just north of the footbridge. They ran into their separate holes.

11.3.2014 – Franklins from Peterborough, Ontario where lift locks are of the Trent Canal from Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay. Thank you.

11.3.2014 – Jodi Hedgelon & Caressa Gregg, Honesdale, PA – Loved it all, the trail, the house, and stoneware. Can’t wait to tour the house. So happy a part of history is being restored.

11.4.2014 – Wilson family, Honesdale & Quakertown, PA

11.4.2014 – Ken & Joan Conklin, De Leon Springs, Il? – This place is breath taking! Love it!

11.5.2014 - Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – About twenty mallard ducks floating in the river south of the lock.

11.11.2014 - Springs & Touws families, Orange County, NY – Happy Veterans Day! Reflective afternoon at lock 31. Learned a lot about D & H Canal. Boats were impressive. Hard to believe only 116 years ago. We will be back…

11.15.2014 – Joe & Ellen Malone, Mt. Lake, PA – Coming back with our bikes!

11.19.2014 - Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – With last two nights in the teens, river has a sheet of ice, creating a “channel” on about half of its width.

11.22.2014 – Bill & Melinda Headly, Honesdale, PA – Brisk morning 16 degrees!

11.27.2014 – Lucy DelBuono & Kevin Keleher – Happy Thanksgiving, 1st snowshoe hike

12.15.2014 – Ron, Laura & Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Saw big pileated woodpecker on south end of towpath

12.22 2014 – Ron & Sally Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Pileated woodpecker on north end of towpath.

12.25.2015 – Thompson family – Merry Christmas. 1st of more trial hikes.

12.28.14 - Sally & Ron Talaga & dogs Xena & Luna, White Mills, PA – Ticks are back on dogs with temperatures above freezing – ug!