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Welcome to free, searchable indexes to books and documents in the WCHS Research Library! Photocopies or transcriptions of the individual items are available by purchasing the referred pages after a successful search. Click 'Buy' on all the entries you'd like copied, select your membership level (discount for members), then click 'Checkout'. You'll then need to checkout through our online shop system. Results will be emailed to you, or via USPS on request. One item (line) is $6, or four for $12 for members, $8 and $15 respectively for non-members.

Many other indexed books and databases are available in the Research Library that cannot be made available online for legal reasons. However, they would be included in the Professional Research Package or in a personal visit. See the Library->Info page for a more complete list of resources. Unless you specifically request that your order be sent via U.S. mail, it will be emailed to you. Below are the indexes currently available online, containing approximatly 35,000+ entries.

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